Icenine [aɪs naɪn]

Icenines are bite-sized ice spheres filled with spirits. The low freezing point of alcohol keeps the centre liquid, while the outside remains frozen. Imagine a passion fruit flavoured shell, filled with smooth vanilla vodka. As you pop it into your mouth you will taste the refreshing, slowly melting, tangy passion fruit shell. But after just 9 seconds – boom – it implodes, releasing the delicious vanilla vodka. As the spirit dissipates, the last pieces of ice are left behind, cleansing the palate and completing the experience.

"Boooom! So, so good"

- Seb, 28

"I never tasted something like this before!"

- Martine, 31

"Such a unique experience!"

- Christopher, 29

Find Your Flavour

Based on your favourite drinks we have developed five signature flavours so far. Find your flavour amongst our range of Icenines; from limey, refreshing margaritas to deliciously tangy passion fruit martinis. And if you can’t find your favourite yet, let us know! We’re always looking to expand our flavour offerings

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Icenines Across London

About Us

Icenine is an experiential drinks company based in London. We are passionate about creating the most memorable and innovative drinking experiences that people love to share with others. We are not just innovating on experience, but also strive for delicious flavours that surprise and delight.

about us

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