spirits in ice.

Icenines are a new drinking experience: Flavoured ice cubes filled with spirits. Imagine a lime flavoured shell, filled with tequila and garnished with a pinch of salt. First you will taste the refreshing, slowly melting, salty citrus shell, and then – boom – the shell implodes and the tequila comes free all of a sudden. As the spirit dissipates, the last pieces of ice are left behind, cleansing the palate and completing an unforgettable experience.

give it a lick!

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    about us

    Icenine was born as a project a few years back during Thomas’s design studies. With venues across the UK opening up again, Max and Thomas picked it back up in the beginning of this year to further develop Icenine and bring spirits in ice to people across London and the UK. After testing and trialling the product across London, Icenine is now raising funds to develop and scale the production.